Enrique Iglesias hand sliced by a drone worsens

The 40-year-old singer sliced his fingers open when he tried to grab a drone camera, which was taking pictures of the audience at a concert on Saturday. Following reconstructive surgery on Monday, it was announced he would need several weeks to recover.

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A statement released on his website said that the damage ended up being a bit worse than initially assessed; he suffered a fracture that needed to be corrected in addition to the reconstructive surgery. He will be recovering during the next few weeks, but a full recovery is anticipated. Reported by BBC NEWS

Iglesias was performing in Tijuana, Mexico when he reached for the drone, apparently in an attempt to give fans a point-of-view shot from the stage. He was given First Aid at the side of the stage to stop the bleeding, and was advised to end the show. However, he performed for another 30 minutes before seeking further treatment. “He was rushed to the airport where an ambulance met him,” said a representative on Instagram. “He was then put on a plane to LA to see a specialist.” Afterwards, fans posted photos and video on social media, showing the singer’s bandaged hand and blood-covered T-shirt. They also scribbled get well messages on their own hands and sent pictures to Iglesias via Twitter and Instagram.


Iglesias is one of the highest-selling Latin musicians of all time; he is a Spanish singer, songwriter, actor and cartoonist. Iglesias started his career in the mid-1990s on an American Spanish Language record label Fonovisa until his big uncovering of being Enrique Iglesias which helped turn him into one of the biggest stars in Latin America and the Hispanic Market in the United States becoming the biggest seller of Spanish-language albums of that decade. His UK hits include Bailamos, Hero and I’m A Freak. The singer is expected to resume his tour on 3 July in Mexico City.

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