Google at 25, Dorm Days To Big Data Days, Tangible Products & Services this far

Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford University in the late ‘90s. They were both computer science students with a similar interest of making the World Wide Web a more accessible place…and there Google began. 

The pair worked tirelessly from their dorm rooms to develop a prototype for a better search engine. As they made meaningful progress on the project, they moved the operation to Google’s first office — a rented garage. On September 27, 1998, Google Inc. was officially born. 

Much has changed since 1998 — including our logo as seen in today’s Doodle — but the mission has remained the same: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Billions of people from all over the globe use Google to search, connect, work, play, and so much more. 

In 2015, Google underwent restructuring on October 2, and became the parent company of Google and several former Google subsidiaries. Alphabet is the world’s third-largest technology company by revenue and one of the world’s most valuable companies. It is considered one of the Big Five American information technology companies, alongside Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft.

Over time, Google has grown in terms of services and products, here are some of the products and services by google over time.

Here are some interesting facts about google 


How many estimated years of typing Search’s autocomplete saves per day. When you start typing in the Search bar, autocomplete helps you out by immediately predicting queries. We estimate that autocomplete reduces typing in Search by about 25% — which calculates to roughly 200 years of typing time saved per day.


How many seconds you can whistle or hum when using hum to search. (And no, you don’t have to have perfect pitch to use the feature.)


How many coding languages Bard knows.

That list includes Python, JavaScript, C++, Java, R, SQL, C, Go, Swift and Kotlin — but Bard is always learning new languages, so this number will grow.

1.7 billion

The number of photos edited in Google Photos every month.


The number of languages Google Translate supports.

Advances in AI and machine learning have helped make this possible. Some languages are “under-resourced,” meaning it’s hard to find high-quality datasets to train our systems to accurately offer translations for these languages. 

10 million

The number of cells a Google Sheet can contain (in case you’re wondering, that’s 18,278 columns).


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