Tech conflict: Drones continue to be life and environment threatening

Space was strictly manned and surveilled professionally, until the existence of drones and other unmanned air crafts. Today, what we are facing is a drone conflict, just a part of…

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Drones are a disaster waiting to tear apart the Aviation Industry

Just came across a piece where a man shot down his neighbour’s drone, after he got the impression that the government was annoyingly being in his business monitoring each and…

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Drones To Be Used To Fly Blood Samples To Remote Medical Centers

Drones are making milestones as far as efficiency is concerned. In June we featured a story where drones can be helpful in curbing exam cheating in Kenya and other countries….

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Drones equipped with predictive analysis to be used to curb poaching

Africa is blessed with wild animals which makes it a goldmine for poachers. 40000 elephants in Central and Southern Africa are killed yearly for their ivory. In the first four…

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Can drones be used to curb exam cheating in Kenya?

Cheating in Kenya is a daily norm in most schools. When I was in campus we used to say that ‘degree ni harambee.’ In examination rooms students used to discuss…

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Enrique Iglesias hand sliced by a drone worsens

The 40-year-old singer sliced his fingers open when he tried to grab a drone camera, which was taking pictures of the audience at a concert on Saturday. Following reconstructive surgery…

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Drones still an illegal statement globally

Drones have been known to be a western ‘thing’ in the past as more development-focused uses are found for them. Recently, drones have been spotted in the Kenyan winds mostly…

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