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Dear Banks, Yesterday in this post we highlighted some of the issues and challenges bank customers face at various top banks in Kenya and the post generated a discussion on Twitter under the hashtag #BankToAvoid. ..

8 years ago
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NationHela is one of easiest platforms for remitting money to Kenya. Now that I think of it I should have had my card as soon as yesterday. A colleague from Nigeria has been forced to use Swift transfer ..

8 years ago
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In this article you will learn: Basics of digital broadcasts Need to buy converter boxes even if already on Pay TV and Pros of Digital Broadcast over Analogue Broadcast Digital Migration Unless some major ..

8 years ago
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Following an article by Macharia Kamau in The Standard about Small ICT firms fearing that they may lose out in county contracts for providing ICT services for management of revenue collection, my colleague ..

8 years ago
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I’m not a sports fan so I’m not into Premium Bouquet from Dstv; but there was this time I thought I was missing out on other cool stuff available only on Premium so I decided to try it out. ..

8 years ago
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On Friday 27th September The Standard carried a story on the Judiciary. According to The Standard, the Chief Justice is the Commander in Chief of a four member group codenamed ‘War Council’ ..

8 years ago
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(For a related post please read: Westgate attack; Kenya must up technology adoption). We have discussed the Westgate Attack in relation to the need of Kenya’s security agencies upping the adoption ..

8 years ago
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Wars are fought many a times on the basis of differing ideologies; but not the war in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The war that is estimated to have had the worst devastation to human life since ..

8 years ago
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On 31st August 2013 Airtel made a very silent announcement that they are to increase their products prices by 11%. The increase will see Airtel become the most expensive service provider overtaking Safaricom ..

8 years ago
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