Safaricom BLAZE Kenya is more than a tariff

The Safaricom Blaze Kenya Platform was launched last month and the hype it has received from digital platforms is huge. The only set back Blaze encountered was that the targeted group got confused somewhere between the plans and empowerment because, as it appears, it is still very hard to get empowered virtually (using SSD codes). In addition, people got curious about the project’s main objective as everything was incorporated into one brand name; even the name BLAZE got people confused in a way.

To create a clear picture of the Safaricom Blaze Kenya product, Bloggers Association of Kenya hosted a Blaze ‘awareness session’ dubbed Move over Millennial, Here Comes Kenya’s Generation Z. The event featured four panelists; Andrew Riungu – Manager Consumer Insights and Research, Safaricom, Magunga Williams – Writer, Blogger and Online Bookstore Owner, Muthoni Maingi – Digital Manager, Consumer and Enterprise Business Unit, Safaricom, Marion Wanyoike – Senior Manager, Youth Segments, Safaricom. Now, these guys did some explanations on Blaze’s concept and why it was formulated.

Andrew Riuguru made it clear that Safaricom Blaze Kenya is here to stay and many teenagers are going to benefit from it because the Safaricom Blaze Kenya will move across the country and approach more influencers in the 47 counties. However, a burning question was raised concerning the sidelined communities in the rural areas since it’s believed that Blaze is an ‘Uptown Bubble’. Basically, the ads and the characters used to promote the products were a little farfetched from the usual Kenyan traits, therefore making it hard for minors to comprehend the whole idea.

The panelists explained that the choice of script used in the ads was intentional and they wanted to get a youthful touch which can entertain and uplift the youth. Anyway, the advertisements have been simplified and everything is now explained using a simple language.

“Safaricom Blaze Kenya is anchored on three principles; friendship, success and freedom.” Muthoni Maingi said. The principles are basically meant to make the youth have a clear purpose in life. The friendship principle is hard to enforce but the panelists affirmed that the friendly plans and summits will bring people together and thereafter create a good unifying factor.

From Mutua Matheka’s story;” Success is making a decent living and being happy. It’s easy to make a decent living and a little hard to be happy” people always see their future or desired end game but forget to fix the beginning and the middle. From Blaze’s mentors and planned summits, the teenagers will have an opportunity to realize their purpose and build a successful story.

Andrew Riuguru explained Robert’s Nabatson’s story which was not rosy when he started his fighting career. Robert wanted a platform to uplift his fighting spirit and freedom to express himself. “I did not allow my past and my childhood to dictate my future. I fought for my dreams and pushed myself beyond. When you find your passion, what you do has more impact. Push yourself beyond.” Robert wrote.

Safaricom Blaze Kenya has Summits, Boot camps and a TV Show meant to create a space where the youth can interact with other successful Blazers.


Blaze Kenya held a successful summit in Eldoret where many people turned out. The summit was a youth Mentorship Symposium that gave BLAZERS access to different mentors who are professionals in their field of passion. In addition, local artists were also recognized and given a platform to perform their songs.

In Eldoret’s summit, the mentors included; Anyiko Owoko and Patricia Kihoro (Media and Journalism), Ahmed Abdi, King Kaka, Trevor Kimenye(Business), Eric Muthomi and Silvia Tonui (Agriculture), Baraza Mwambe (Social Enterprise), Kevin Provoke and Wangechi (Music) among many others.

“The Youth Summit will enable youth across different towns to get access to these mentors, hear their story, learn from their journey, get inspiration across one’s own interest and begin understanding what it takes for young people to be successful in Kenya. The summits will run from 9am to 6pm and will be packed with mentors, entertainment, gaming and an opportunity for one-on-one engagement with the mentors as well as peers.” BLAZE writes.

Boot camps and TV show

Safariocom Blaze Kenya Boot camps will be intense training that will take more than three days. From the camps, the youth will have hands on exposure that will allow them to Be their Own Boss and begin making their own money.

The TV Show on the other end will be aired in September. “We will be auditioning and short listing candidates from across the country in an aim to select young entrepreneurs who will be taken through a series of mentor-led challenges that test talent, skill and character. The finalists will then get the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to the judges and compete for Kenya’s biggest prize bundle – Funding and Mentorship – to help them to kick-start and launch their business.” BLAZE writes.

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