Kenyan government rolls out interaction handle to assist in governance.

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The government has yet again launched an interaction site for Kenyans. #gokinteract is the new kid on the block after a couple of sites for better governance have been roll out in the recent past.

It was rolled out in a bid to have Kenyans participate in governance debates and share their thoughts and ideas about various sectors of the Kenyan government.

His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta or better still Digital president has turned over a new leaf in the way the country is ran compared to the last 3 presidents whose democracy was not really practical.

A recently launched website for Kenyans to report bribe cases directly to the president opened platform to transparency in the state as the site required full information on the ministry or government firm and personnel an individual dealt with but Kenyans had the choice to stay anonymous.

3529 cases equivalent to ksh125,584,332 were reported by end of 2013 showing how desperate Kenyans needed closure and mainly showing the importance of engaging Kenyans in state affairs.

Twitter handles linking Kenyans and the president are now numerous and open to all. We should all take them seriously and official like the government should too.

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