Tanzania’s second phase digital migration kicks off.

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Kenya’s analogue switch off has been a continuing saga since the deadline was set following  three media houses accusing the Communication Commission of Kenya of unfair handling of license issuance. To date, the process has been put pending by the courts until the solution is at hand.

Meanwhile, Tanzania’s migration from analogue to digital is underway after a go-ahead by a group of professionals from the University of Dar es Salaam, after a research where they found out that 91 per cent of household users of Digital terrestrial Television (DTT) were using decoders before Analogue Switch Off, 89 per cent of the phase one where using their televisions after ASO.

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) will start with Tabora and Singida end of March, the migration will cover 10 other regions which include Mara, Morogoro, Shinyaga, Lindi and Kagera though awaiting Minister for information will announce the timetable.

The regulatory authority in cooperation with Tanzania Company Limited also plans on having fibre optic cables in all broadcasting stations so as to promote interactivity with their users. Recommendations put across by the study team will also be put into considerations to complete the process successfully before the International Telecommunication Union ( ITU) June, 2015 deadline.

Kenya should put her foot forward towards digital migration and put a close to the continuing saga.


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