Best travel apps to plan your trip

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Thanks to the smart phone, planning your trip and ensuring your stay is without any major incident is far easier due to the number of apps available. Here are our top picks:

Currency: there are plenty of apps to help you understand the exchange rate. Some cost, but ignore those as the best are free. XE Currency is user friendly, fast and uses live currency rates, increasing its accuracy. 5 million downloaders agree with this one!

And while we’re on the topic of money, download Tipulator it will help you avoid any social embarrassment by informing you of the norm in countries: a tip in Korea is an insult, while not tipping in America could be considered treason. This app keeps you informed and will work out precisely how much you should leave – including on split bills.

Booking: There are plenty of apps that will help you search for flights, but one of the best has to be Skyscanner. It’s clean, easy to use and it’s free. It aggregates fares from both airlines and big travel sites to find you the best deal but it has proven particularly handy for less-popular flight paths; so if you’re dreaming of an island holiday, start looking for Barbados flights and you’ll get a all the information – including the number of stops – to get you there.

And while you’re flying to your island retreat, have your loved ones download FlightTrack which details information on departure and arrival gates, delays and cancellations. The zoomable maps add to the attraction of this app.

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Wi-Fi Finder is a definite must on your phone if you’re going to want to avoid data roaming charges. The free app will give you directions to your nearest source of wireless internet. Best of all, the offline mode means you can download maps before you arrive in your destination city.

To ensure that your accommodation is more hotel than hostel, TripAdvisor presents the traveler with a massive collection of brutally honest reviews of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. Remember to use this app with a pinch of salt: people tend to be quick to complain and very slow to compliment, but since this is a free app, take the time to take heed of your destination.

And in the event that you’re not sure where to go, use AroundMe to find nearby points of interest which includes restaurants and even parking. You’ll be inspired to get out and explore!

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