BlackBerry’s best yet: BlackBerry Z30

As BlackBerry is waiting for an interested buyer to buy them off, they have quietly launched a 5 inch phone that they have termed their best yet. BlackBerry Z30 comes as a 140.7mm length by 72mm width and 9.4mm thick featuring Super AMOLED display at a 1280 by 720 pixels of 295ppi density. The phone is powered by a 2880mAh battery capable of providing up to 25 hours of mixed used. The 1.7Ghz quard core processor thought to be a Snapdragon 4 that is also powering Motorola’s X8 chip will be run by the new BlackBerry’s OS, the B10.2. BlackBerry Z30 also has a powerful 8MP back camera featuring an f/2.2 lens and 1080p HD video recording capabilities and a 2MP front camera capable of a 720p video recording. The phone has also been revamped with stereo speakers to give it a more natural sound suitable for video conferencing and easy listening.

BlackBerry Z30B10.2 will give Z30 an improved Priority Hub that is designed to intelligently analyze messages across apps and group messages from most often contacted people to place them together. Priority Hub is in addition to the ability to preview and respond to messages without having to switch out of whatever app currently in use. BBM messages will also pop up when using any app and can be ignored or replied to without leaving the app in use. A comment from a B10.2 user had this to  say about Priority Hub:

nutellapr I have been using a leaked version on the 10.2 OS on my Z10 and don’t under estimate how big of a leap it is for the platform. Priority HUB, colour coded inbox accounts, Toast Notifications with reply capability (think Android and iOS notification bars but with ability to reply directly from the notification).

BlackBerry Z30 in a move that seems like targeting enterprise users, has apps like the full Documents To Go suite that comes preinstalled. The phone is set to hit stores in UK, Middle East and the rest of the world from next week until the end of the year. BlackBerry has not released pricing details yet but as soon as we get them we will inform you.

BlackBerry Z30 has been announced at a time when rumors abound that they seem not to elicit interest in potential buyers due to the ailing handsets department. Analysts have called on BlackBerry to sub-divide the company as its patents and liquid cash put their valuation at around $5 million but no one seems to be interested in the dying handsets. Rumors also has it that BlackBerry intends to layoff works at a significant rate of 40%. BlackBerry’s current workforce is at 12,000 down from 17,000 two years ago.

What I don’t know is why BlackBerry cannot or is not considering to go Android. They make great devices of better quality. And just as Samsung does, they could also tweak Android to give them that unique BB taste. I think going Android would be better for them than partnering with Samsung for offering BBM platform on Samsung devices (read: Samsung should buy WhatsApp).

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