Blackberry makes its way back to the market bigger on security and easy usability

After a nosedive fail of Blackberry’s Playbook in 2010, the electronic manufacturer is back and this time round in collaboration with top dogs in the industry. The device is designed for governmental institutions and large business which I speculate not to be a miss considering the company is key on security and proper data management.

“Secutablet” from blackberry’s Secusmart will run on Samsung’s hardware based on the Samsung Galaxy 10.5 with assured compatibility with Blackberry 10 and has been confirmed to be undergoing security certification at the German Federal Office for information security.

Also in collaboration with IBM, the device entails “app wrapping” technology which builds on security to sensitive data. The unique application will enable the device to run personal apps without fear of attacks on personal information since it provides a virtual container that retains the information protecting it from malware and unwanted software.

The companies aim to close the supply gap of consumers who want a larger screen without security breaches. The devices that will have both data and voice encryption solutions are expected to ship at $2,360 a piece.

Being the first time secusmart’s software is available on tablets, this might be the game changer for Blackberry even amid rumors the company might roll out Playbook 2 for average consumers soon.

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