iOS7 not secure after all

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  • 8 years ago
  • Posted: September 19, 2013 at 10:27 pm

Before you rush to buy the new iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C or upgrade your current iPhone’s OS to iOS7, be warned; Siri and Control Center in iOS7 allows a thief to easily disable Find My iPhone or iPad simply be enabling the airplane mode. The Control Center  is accessible from any screen including lock screen by simply swiping the screen up or down. Features in iOS7’s Control Center include airplane mode that a user can enable or disable without PIN or password input. When airplane mode that puts the phone on an offline mode is enabled, the Find my iPhone application will not be functional as it requires the phone to be on an online mode.

iOS security flaw

This can also be achieved by talking nicely to Siri who has now been enabled to control a number of features and settings including toggling Bluetooth off and on, changing the screen’s brightness and putting the phone in airplane mode. What this mean is that a thief can be able to play around with the phone and disable it from being located by location tracking as he does not have to put it off. If he had to put it off in the first instance, then putting it on again would require him to know the PIN before unlocking.

The security flaw might not be of much help to thieves as iOS7 also come with security enhancement that requires a user to have the Apple ID password to erase the software. This has been done through the Activation Lock feature in iOS7. This security flaw makes iOS7 not secure after all!

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