Safaricom Unlimited data bundle speed at 256kbps..not baaad but..

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You remember Safaricom launched new data rates recently and we had small problem with unlimted bundle speed at 128kbps. Ok, now that has been increased to 256 Kbps. Give it up to  Mr.Bob Collymore, Safaricom MD is not just on Social media for the sake of it, he does some real engagement.

It is not just because he listened, but how fast he has acted  is impressive.  Kudos Bob.  Ok…end of praises and back to the reality! How fast is 256Kbps connection?  256 kbps is 32 kilobytes per second raw speed.. Realistically, it is more like 25 – 28 kbps. For normal browsing 256Kbps is ok, very much ok but anything more added on and it starts  be more like a snail.

Basically the speed is enough to get a 1 meg file in about 35 seconds. A 100 Megabyte file will take more like 1 hour to download. I must apologize to the snail species because that is not as bad as them!

How about gaming? You can game on 256k just fine, just ensure that you don’t share it with anybody else around. Plus you can move next to the server of where the game you playing is hosted…yeah go to America!

Is this finally good enough?

I don’t think so. And in particular when you look at the history of the people who really need the unlimited internet data plan. Get it from Olinemasai here:

Ok..before i talk of pefect speed for the unlimited, i will dust my Safaricom modem and use it for a week. After that…….

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