Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) doing better Job than men and women of the Altar

There is a feeling that Kenya Private Sector Alliance doing a better job in bridging the gap in the almost broken grand confusion government. They are trying their level best to ensure there is political stability in the country than what religious leaders are advocating for. Sincerely kawaida wanjiku don’t want to go back to general election today and even if they want we are at risk of a bigger electoral malpractice than it was before December 2007. The needed reforms to fix the electoral process in Kenya is still far away from being realized than most of men and women of clothes seem to know.

Truth be told the religious leaders lost their voices when they openly took sides based on their ethnic name tags before last general election and on that note, nobody give a damn on what they say now. I got the feeling that they are trying so hard to regain their moral authority and what is the best way to do it than criticize the Kenyan leadership. Am not against criticizing the broken leadership of Kibaki and Raila Odinga, but am against blind suggestions which might plunge this country to chaos again.

The following is a statement of what KEPSA been doing in the recent past:

Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) paid a courtesy call to the H.E President this morning as part of their ongoing initiative to improve the business environment. During the meeting at his Harambee House office, the Private Sector leaders updated the President on the progress of their two Roundtable meetings with the Prime Minister.

Others issues discussed included the conclusion of the wider reforms as contained in the Agenda 4, the need to protect the environment and the Mau Forest; political instability due to disharmony among the coalition partners and the wider audit of the coalition government, performance and efficiency of government, Private sector integration with the government, Rule of law, Unity of purpose ? the reform process and the way forward, EA Community process and the Railway future.

Addressing the Media at KEPSA offices this afternoon, KEPSA Chairman, Steve Smith reported they have informed the President about their concerns across wide range of issues in the country. The President agreed to revive the Presidential Private Forum for continuous dialogue and concrete factual proposal solutions to the issues affecting the country.

The chair revealed that the President has accepted their proposal to meet the two Coalition Principals within the next 2 weeks.

The President was informed on other Private Public Partnership (PPP) engagement aimed at improving the business to realize the Vision 2030. Mr. Smith said that the other Speaker and Prime Minister Round Table meetings will continue.

Now compare that to the constant call by the religous leaders for fresh election while they know very well that at the moment we don’t even have Electrol Commission. For sure i think we should advocating for the reforms not elections at this moment. Do you agree with me?

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