OPPO Find N2 Flip: Setting a New Standard in Foldable Phone Innovation

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OPPO has always been synonymous with innovation, and their latest device, the OPPO Find N2 Flip, is no exception. With its industry-leading cover screen, this revolutionary foldable phone sets a new standard in the market. Carefully designed by OPPO’s engineers, the cover screen achieves the perfect balance, neither too big nor too small, neither too wide nor too tall. It seamlessly complements the phone’s overall design, resulting in an unparalleled user experience. Just like in life, finding the perfect balance leads to the best results, and OPPO has achieved precisely that with the Find N2 Flip.


At OPPO innovation has always been at the forefront, from design, innovation and performance. This is no different with the Find N2 Flip. Through extensive research from 2018, across various flip phones, OPPO’s reached in the conclusion: a big cover screen delivers more for a user from notifications checking, texting, selfies and it is more familiar with tapping and swiping through them. Simply put, vertical screens are more intuitive. 
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Find N2 Flip in Astral Black

The cover screen of Find N2 Flip is ingeniously crafted with a 3.26″ vertical layout, boasting an impressive 17:9 aspect ratio. This revolutionary design choice makes it the sole vertical cover screen in the industry that closely mirrors the screen ratio of the main display and conventional straight-screen phones. By seamlessly integrating the vertical cover screen, OPPO has set a new standard for effortless user interaction.

Find N2 Flip is also lightweight despite being made of premium materials – polished aluminum around the frame and treated, fingerprint-resistant glass on the back. Even one of Find N2 Flip’s most notable visual flourishes – the subtle waveform pattern that appears as light hits the hinge, looks tasteful.

The beautiful wave dances across the spine of the phone when it’s closed, and is achieved through a 12,000-cycle micron-level continuous engraving process that takes three minutes per element. Weighing a mere 191g and measuring just 7.45mm when open, Find N2 Flip defies expectations by achieving a remarkable level of lightness and sleekness. In a world where foldable phones often carry extra weight due to their moving parts, OPPO’s masterful iteration and streamlining of its Flexion Hinge technology have resulted in a device that undercuts much of the traditional smartphone competition.

Find N2 Flip unfolded with its micro-arc glass back with ergonomic, rounded edges for a comfortable grip

Cover Screen Experiences

Find N2 Flip’s vertical display unlocks incredible images, time-saving tools, quick access to calls and messages, and plenty of scope to personalize your experience.

Looking at photography, Find N2 Flip’s cover screen is a giant leap forward for flip phone photography offering the capability to preview of your photos and videos, so you can frame your selfies with confidence, and take them with the best camera on the device this is leveraged with the orientation as the camera sensor with the cover screen. 

Efficiency is at your fingertips with the cover screen’s versatile tools, enabling you to stay productive without diving deep into your phone’s interface. Set timers, record voice notes, check the weather, and accomplish essential tasks with just a few swipes and taps. Find N2 Flip seamlessly integrates these time-saving features, ensuring you can make the most of your day with ease

Personalize the cover screen with an always-on display (AOD), showcasing the time or a fun Bitmoji sticker pack, and if you want a playful virtual companion, adopt one of five adorable Cover Screen Interactive Pets. From cute to laugh-out-loud funny, Find N2 Flip also supports GIF wallpapers, so you can turn your phone into a meme dream. The convenience of the cover display doesn’t stop there. Possibly the most powerful element is its instant access to quick toggles. Smart Widgets including  Wi-Fi, Mobile data, flight mode, Bluetooth, notification alerts, do not disturb and power saving modes and the torch can all be turned on and off with a swipe down and a tap. And thanks to the size of Find N2 Flip’s cover screen, all these appear in a single page view, no need to swipe through an endless list of icons.

“In Find N2 Flip, OPPO has created a perfect fusion of style, innovation, and functional simplicity, setting a new standard for flip phones that effortlessly balances form and function. OPPO’s unique flip phone philosophy has led to an exceptional cover screen experience in Find N2 Flip. By stepping back and taking their time, they’ve created a smartphone that perfectly balances functionality and design.” Said Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager OPPO Kenya. 

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