Microsoft’s Fail Blamed On Infighting, Paranoia and Mismanagement

Microsoft has conceded the past 20 years and this is because of infighting, market paranoia and lack of consumer attention, a former Microsoft employee has said. Gary Tan as known on twitter said that in every major battle that there has been; iPod, iPhone, iMessage, Ios, Slack, Dropbox among others has been marred by total capitulation.

Once a tech giant, Microsoft succumbed to competition failing on each venture it tried penetrating; social networks, music, e-books, phones, search engines among many others. The cancer, however, Gary confirms, was birthed internally. Too many levels of management have contributed to Microsoft not even bouncing back as infighting and grudges along the line of duty never seem to end.

The company’s major re-organizations mid product cycle is also said to have contributed to disorientation of the employees, therefore, resulting to multiple resignations and quits. Just when consumers though Microsoft was winning back in the 2000s, the company was focusing on the rising of Facebook, Apple, and Amazon. The company was busy duplicating competitors’ products and services instead of concentrating on its innovations.

Many of its top engineers, designers and product personnel, therefore, threw in the towel and left to start their own companies, glad that they would not have to deal with what they call ‘less than smart bosses’.

Microsoft finally lost its consumers with the random products not well thought through and majorly because of slow shipping and even wrong deliveries…And for the young and eager employees who left, Microsoft is not a good place to learn how to make great products because all the tech company cares about is defending its billion-dollar company.



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