Facebook ‘classic’ interface will be disabled this September

Facebook has announced that its old “classic” interface with the iconic blue navigation bar at the top will disappear for good this September. Facebook is now warning users trying to…

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Chris Cox returns to Facebook as the Chief Product Officer a year after disagreeing with Zuckerberg

On March 14, 2019, Chris Cox, decided to step down as Facebook’s Chief Product Officer at the time Facebook was reorganizing its top leadership as part of its efforts towards…

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Technology companies are taking action on misinformation, but more transparency is needed

Yes, it is no doubt technology companies have been at the forefront in the battle against the COVID-19 misinformation. Facebook is supporting the global public health community’s work to keep…

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Privacy Breach: Facebook Reviews Relationship With Partners To Regain Subscribers’ Trust

Facebook is also passing responsibility to individuals and companies building its products at every level of the company.

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Instagram, Twitter Puts The Future Of Kenyan Influencers’ Heads In The Noose

For companies to partner with an individual or digital institution for influencing, the number of ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ really matter at the negotiation stage.

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Facebook’s Early Christmas: Agency Settles For Peanuts In Platform’s Data Violation

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has now agreed to a $5 billion settlement to let Facebook off the leash.

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Twitter Boss Says Follows And Likes Are A Recipe Of Abuse On The Platform

If I was to create Twitter again, I would not emphasize on follows, neither would I include the like button on tweets, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has said. The co-founder of…

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Microsoft’s Fail Blamed On Infighting, Paranoia and Mismanagement

Microsoft has conceded the past 20 years and this is because of infighting, market paranoia and lack of consumer attention, a former Microsoft employee has said. Gary Tan as known…

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Why ‘Florida Man’ Is Trending Across Social Media Platforms

The internets are going crazy with ‘Florida man’ with online challenges being thrown across the platforms under ‘Florida man’. The twitter feed that has spilt over to Google, Instagram, Reddit…

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Facebook Under fire After New Zealand Attacker Live Streams Killings For Minutes

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms are under fire for failing to stop the spread of the Christchurch mosque attack videos. The platforms have been blamed for allowing the proliferation of…

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FaceBook is made up of ‘digital gangsters’ – British MPs

British Lawmakers’ have branded Facebook ‘digital gangsters’ for failing to fight the spread of fake news and violating data privacy. In the report named ‘Disinformation and fake news’ MPs on…

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facebook amazon data breach

Third Facebook bug hits 6.8 million users

Close on the heels of Google’s second data leak from its social media platform Google+, Facebook reported a breach in its system due to a bug which may have exposed…

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WhatsApp to roll out 3 new features

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has been working on a new feature to make holidays a lot more peaceful. According to various sources, WhatsApp is working on three new features in…

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facebook Skype government CA

Government seeks to Monitor Facebook and Skype

Kenya has plans to make steps in the control of the internet. In a step seemingly borrowed from our bigger Chinese brothers, the country is looking to regulate Whatsapp and…

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ditching Facebook

Why I am slowly ditching Facebook for LinkedIn

Two social media platforms have proved unusable for me – Twitter and Instagram. What the two have in common is that you don’t have to have a mutual connection with…

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mark zuckerberg facebook whatsapp

Mark Zuckerberg set to roll out a mobile payment platform in India

Facing intense scrutiny in India over the spread of misinformation and fake news on WhatsApp, its parent company Facebook has said it is waiting for a green signal from the…

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Facebook announces reversal of ban on crypto currency ads

At the height of bitcoin’s rise to trade at close to $20,00, Facebook announced a ban on crypto related ads. The decision was arrived at after various Fraudulent ICOs of…

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Facebook moves to ban all Crypto-curreccy ads

Facebook has said it will block any advertising promoting crypto-currency products and services. The company said it was open to emerging technologies but many companies were not acting in “good…

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The rise of Facebook groups a threat to Jumia’s e-commerce dominance in Africa

Informal transactions through Facebook groups are threatening the success of e-commerce giants in Africa according to a recent straw poll on the impact of the Black Friday sale promotion on this fledgling…

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Facebook to sponsor competition for African startups to be held in Nairobi

TechCrunch an American news site in conjunction with Facebook, is set to host a competition for 15 African startups after a months-long search for the most promising startups on the continent….

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First-ever study on fake news in Kenya reveals scale of issue and impact on trust in media

While fake news is evidently now a core part of the news mix in Kenya, Kenyans have been found to be well tuned to spotting false information. Through a study…

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Facebook to Stream Live Champions League

Fox Sports has inked a deal with Facebook to provide live streaming of Champions League Games in September. The games will be broadcasted in Spanish and English on the Fox…

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Facebook optimizes Group administration

Since the inception of Facebook, people sharing a common interest have always been able to create groups. The group administrator is usually the group initializer and has privileges such as…

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Google brings image recognition to Android devices

Smartphones have fast become the new battlefront of artificial intelligence. Algorithms that used to run in the cloud, sending results down to our devices via the internet, are now being…

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ZeniMax awarded $500 million in lawsuit against Facebook

A jury has found Facebook-owned virtual reality company, Oculus liable to pay half a billion dollars to ZeniMax-a game company- after Oculus CEO, Palmer Luckey failed to comply with a…

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How to chalk out Twitter marketing strategy for your business?

Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms and microblogging tool which supports messages also called as tweets that are limited to maximum of 140 characters. Twitter was reportedly…

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How teenagers publishing lies influenced the US voter decision

Hours away from Donald j Trump’s inauguration, we must have a moment of silence for the Republic of Macedonia, located in the southeast of Europe. The county sits on a…

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Mod Apps: How to get extra features for your Whatsapp, Instagram and Telegram

There is a joke about people switching between 3-4 apps all day. This much borders on the truth and the reality of our online lives. Well, why don’t we make…

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facebook live

Good news to all Facebook Live publishers. Facebook has now made it possible for Pages to go live via a web browser.

Facebook is keen in growing its Live Video platform and the only way to do this is by making it easier for publishers to set up their Live Broadcast. Initially,…

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App Review: Telegram proves to be most efficient among other messengers

At more than 100 million users, Telegram is quickly gaining hold as a preferred messenger for more people. The application can be accessed from your smartphone/tablet or desktop. All telegram…

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