The rise of artificial intelligence will be our doom

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  • 6 years ago
  • Posted: November 11, 2015 at 5:56 pm

I always watch sci-fi when am free and the creative writers develop amazing equipment that do everything. In the movies machines takeover the world and aliens establish advanced technology on earth. Mostly, the stories freak people out because one day human beings will be bags filled with blood walking around doing nothing. Probably in another life incredible toys are made with artificial intelligence. The toys entrench good morals on people and encourage them to read ethical books that instill perfect guiding principles. Anyway, those are confused thoughts. Back to the main agenda. Many people are losing their jobs to machines and the number is growing every year.

A report done by the Bank of America Merill Lynch and reported by IFL outlined an impending robot revolution on the job market. The report stipulates that a phenomenon known as creative disruption will be caused by the increased advancements made in robotics and AI. Basically, human beings will be ineffective in the labor market because industries will be struggling to produce more.

Currently, vehicles have AI and they don’t need drivers to control them. This taking place in New York where the yellow cabs will be driverless. The question that is left floating in the air — where will the drivers go? Companies have started projects that install artificial intelligence on robots making them think and act like a man. In addition, Gmail can now send emails for you. The report claim the rise of artificial intelligence will be our doom, “the combination of AI, machine learning, deep learning, and natural user interfaces (such as voice recognition) are making it possible to automate many knowledge worker tasks that were long regarded as impossible or impractical for machines to perform.”

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According to Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, this could soon lead to what he calls the “Singularity,” whereby sentient devices overtake humans as the most intelligent beings on the planet.

Another alarming sentiment, the report suggests that the rise of robots and other artificial machines that think like a man could result in social and economic inequality, as wealth becomes concentrated among business owners. This could generate winner-takes-all and monopolistic outcomes, with the proprietors of technological patents accumulating huge amounts of wealth while unskilled workers struggle.

For a minute, let’s take a detour and establish a relation between the report’s opinion on inequality and the competition between the service providers in Kenya. Ideally, Safaricom has ruled over the communication sector in Kenya making other providers watch from a distance and some taking the closest exit. Why? Because Safaricom has has it all. Back to the report, families and businesses that can afford advanced tech will rule over others and the rise of artificial intelligence will be our doom.

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