Google Driverless Cars To Takeover New York Yellow Cabs

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  • Posted: August 27, 2015 at 9:28 am

Google launched the driverless cars and a website to keep them in check sometimes back. Many people never believed that Google cars will come to light even after Elon Muskian predicted how the future cars will be. Major cities like Nairobi and New York are faced with many challenges when it comes to vehicles overcrowding the city space. In Nairobi matatus and cab drivers are the most aggressive and accidents are caused by them. Well, as Nairobi complains about matatus, New York City is challenged with the huge number of taxi operators.

Google signed an agreement with the mayor of New York City to replace NYC Taxis with Driverless Cabs. This move is majorly aimed to reduce the complaints raised by cab users about the chaos they face from the rude drivers. The mayor said Google cars will reduce the number of cabs operating on the city’s streets. The driverless taxi cabs will be customized to meet the needs of busy New Yorkers, and each vehicle will come equipped with ATMs, food vending machines, and better entertainment options.

I have never been to New York but judging from the movies I have watched shot in the city, I think this is a good move. Inhabitat reports that NYC’s new fleet of 9,000 taxis will be dubbed the “Zipper” and each car in the Google squadron will be called a “Zippie”. The Zipper will actually need significantly fewer vehicles on the street than the nearly 13,000 yellow cabs currently prowling New York City streets city, because it is anticipated that the driverless cars will prove to be more efficient than vehicles with drivers, servicing clients an estimated 50% faster.

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Customers will not be wasting time standing on the roadside waiting for cabs and hailing out loud, one will only need to call Zippie which will be recognized by Google’s above-head-mounted high sensitive sensors as a signal to stop the Zippie or hit one of the over 50,000 giant red “+1? buttons that will be placed around the city. Once you are in the vehicle you can either speak your destination into the Zippie’s “G-phone”, or G-chat your destination to the Zippie via your smart phone, from there the car will take you where you need to go. Foreign tourists don’t need to worry about mastering English; the G-phone currently recognizes over 80 different languages.

Google cabs will be electric-bio-fuel hybrids which will not only save the city from pollution but also keep it clean. The cabs will be a moving mall since they are equipped with ATM machine and vending machines built into the front-seat-back-seat divider that will dispense everything from mouthwash to mascara to condoms and even hot food like a hot-dogs.

Mayor de Blasio said, “New York City is the greatest city on earth and our transportation system needs to reflect that. If the ride is more fly, then more will buy!”

I don’t know what you think but this project can actually work on Kenyan roads and save us from matatu nightmares. Imagine traveling from Rongai to town without being pushed around by drivers and conductors. How great is that?


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