Spy on your partner or employee using mSpy App

It’s now easy to monitor all the activities your partner is doing through their mobile phones or your employer can be able to keep a check on you. mSpy also known as mSpy is a brand of mobile and computer monitoring spyware for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Mac OS. mSpy monitors and logs user activity on the client device. After data is logged, it is encrypted and transferred to a remote server. The user can view the data remotely by logging in to a web-based user control panel from any internet-enabled device.

The software is marketed primarily at parents and business owners as a way to monitor Smartphone, tablet and computer usage of their children and employees. mSpy was launched as a product for mobile monitoring in 2011 by a London based tech company. By 2014 the business has grown nearly 400% and mSpy user number has exceeded the 1 million mark.

The technology has the ability to monitor and keep a log of the following activities: Call History, Keystrokes, Texts, GPS Location Tracking, Chat Apps, Emails and with round the clock customer support and an intuitive online control panel for viewing monitored data, your parental needs are taken care of.

Every technology has its weaknesses, the company yesterday admitted it has been hacked and had thousands of customer records leaked. The admission came a day after mSpy told BBC News it had not been hacked and no data had been stolen. Currently the UK Information Commissioner is investigating the company.

In regards to the hack security expert Brian Krebs broke the news that a vast vault of highly personal date from mSpy customers had been dumped on the so called dark web – an area of the internet that cannot be reached by traditional search engines. The company’s spokeswoman Amelie Ross told BBC News that 80,000 customers had been affected and yet initial reports suggested that up to 400000 customer details had been exposed. www.bbc.com

If the technology is being used in Kenya or if it is to be introduced in some months to come believe me or not divorces will be the daily norm. Spouses will take that advantage to monitor their partners every step they take or every call they make daily. The lying game between employers and employees will eventually end because bosses will be able to check on their employees every hour incase of a mistrust someone gets fired.


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