Tecno Pouvoir 4 is the ultimate travel smartphone of 2020

This is the third time we’re talking about Tecno Pouvoir 4 since it was unveiled in the Kenyan market two months ago. You can read the articles we’ve posted here and also here. As the tourism industry begins to open after the COVID-19 hit, how about getting yourself a phone that you can rely on while traveling. You might want to use your camera, browse through the social media platforms to check the daily coronavirus updates, or maybe to locate a nearby restaurant on your way to Maasai Mara. There is no better phone to help you do that other than the Tecno Pouvoir 4 series.

Pouvoir 4 is built with an enormous 6000mAh battery, capable of powering the phone for four days straight with just a single charge. This is one phone that is working so hard to keep you connected even when you don’t want to be. Can you imagine traveling for four days without a charge? Samsung users will probably think this is a joke because the Samsung phone is one of those electronic gadgets that keep draining the battery too fast even when one has not moved away from the socket.  This means, with Tecno Pouvoir 4, one can watch a movie that lasts for 792 minutes, play a game for another 638 minutes or record YouTube vlogs in HD for a good 516 minutes straight. This perfectly meets your various needs of power supply for daily travel routines. The 18W speed charge allows you to restore power in less time and charging becomes faster and more convenient.

Pouvoir 4 | 6000mAh battery | Never miss any chance.

The phone comes with a huge cinematic-like visual experience on 7” dot notch screen housed in a 174.9 by 79.6 by 9.2mm body which immerses you in a more exciting stunning video effect. For readers, there are clear advantages to catching up on your reading on a smartphone. A smartphone is convenient because you’re likely to carry the phone with you through the day wherever you will be. You don’t need to carry paper books or a separate e-book reader as smartphones with big screens are convenient to read on.  Tecno Pouvoir 4 will help you catch up with those PDF books, newspapers, or articles on the web while traveling.

The rear camera on Pouvoir 4 is a set of four cameras, which together provide the user with a 13MP clear lens working with F/1.8 big aperture, every shot taken by Pouvoir 4 would be clear and bright enough. Supporting 8X digital zoom function and 77° shooting angle, keeping grand scenery and its details are all within reach. While every shot taken by Pouvoir 4 Pro is clear and bright enough and has the potential to be a blockbuster. It has a 16MP clear lens that supports a high definition and 115° wide-angle video recording. Better light recognition presents more details even in low light scenarios, ensuring fine output quality. A not only wider photo can be taken, but also wider and better video.  For selfie picture lovers, the phone features an 8MP AI selfie camera and an excellent camera sensitive elements, every shot gives a clear and beautiful selfie. F/2.0 big aperture captures more light from the environment and an 81° selfie angle enables you to take a wider selfie portrait of family and friends around you.

Pouvoir 4 comes with 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM while the Pro one provides enough space for you to store your favorite files with its 128GB big ROM and 6GB random-access memory which ensures better gaming experience, fluent and fast, with zero delays. It makes gaming and multitasking smoother and easier.  Game mode in this device has significantly been improved with a better interactive experience. Message optimization lets you quickly browse the important messages without disturbing your gaming experience and winning records.

790 Minutes of Movie Time| 510 Minutes of Video Recording| 630 Minutes of Gaming.

Before we talk about the design and the price, it is important for music lovers to know that the gadget has a dual stereo speaker and digital sound effects based on acoustic measurement and correction which offers you high-quality immersive entertainment experience when using your earphones or playing it out loud at the back seat of your traveling car. Finally, on the design, Pouvoir 4 offers three stunning gradient colors for you to choose from; cosmic shine, ice jadeite, and fascinating purple.  Tecno Pouvoir 4 sells from Ksh 14,999 and is available countrywide in official Tecno retail stores.

You can read more about the phone’s specs on the Tecno Mobile website.

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