Tecno Pouvoir 4 and it’s 4 days promise on a single charge

Pouvoir 4

If you are new to the world of tech you probably never experienced charging a phone and forgetting about the need to recharge it for 7 days. The old school us remember those fine days – the days of Nokia 3310, but it was Samsung phones that could take you through 7 days in a single charge. The old beloved Nokia 3310 could only do 4 days – and it is the 4 days that Tecno has brought back with their Tecno Pouvoir 4.

Tecno Pouvoir 4 is a gigantic phone, coming at a whooping 7 inches screen. Four years ago, such a screen on a device could be considered a mini tablet – as it was bigger than their 5 to 6 inches phablet siblings, but today we classy them simply as smartphones – big smartphones but smartphones nonetheless.

This gigantic 7 inches screen is housed in a 174.9 by 79.6 by 9.2mm body, which compares to Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s 151 by 71.8 by 7.9 mm only that the Pouvoir 4 is slightly taller. The 7 inches screen on Tecno Pouvoir 4 has a notch, a tiny one, a notch they call the dot notch. This notch allows TECNO to embed the 16MP selfie camera on the screen without sacrificing a lot of the onscreen real estate. Too bad the screen is not 1080p or higher, but comes at the standard 720p but given that the screen is way too tall, the length pixels go all the way to 1640 to give the screen a 20.5:9 aspect ratio.

Talking about cameras, the rear camera on Pouvoir 4 is a set of four cameras, which together provide the user with 16MP photography capabilities for brighter, rich colour and image depth aesthetics. The wide f/1.8 aperture working together with the AI Quad software enables one to zoom in 8 times, and this is something I’d like to test as usually the zoom functions, even at 2x zoom, brings with it a tone of digital noise that make phone photography remain armerturish.

Despite the goodness of the screen size, or the goodness of the AI powered camera setup, the selling point of TECNO Pouvoir 4 is its battery real estate. For years now we have come accustomed to phones fitted with 3500mAh batteries, all the way to those with 5000mAh batteries that promise to deliver up to 2 days of continual use at a single charge. But Tecno thought that these are child play – where on Pouvoir 4 they decided to include a gigantic 6000mAh power house.

When I saw that on an headline I thought to myself, “no way”. But it’s true. The reason tecno is able to fit all that power in a single phone is because of the gigantic size of the phone itself. At 174.9mm, the phone is probably the tallest you’d ever handle. And it’s thickness is not slim either, coming a significant 9.2mm, just a few mm shy of 10mm. These should tell you that the phone is pretty heavy too. But for the increased physical size and possibly a lot heavier than normal, you get to use the phone for a whole 4 days in a single charge.

Tecno Pouvoir 4 comes in two flavors, the normal one that has 3GB RAM inside and 64GB storage, and a pro version that as 4GB RAM and 128GB. In Nigeria pro version is already available for Nairo 68K, which makes us suspect that the phone will retail for around shs 20K when it finally lands in Kenya. We are in the lookout and will let you know immediately the phone hits Kenya’s retail stores.

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