Zuku plus Showmax

Zuku Plus Showmax, a new service package for Zuku Fiber customers

Showmax and Zuku Fiber have introduced the Zuku plus Showmax service package for Zuku Fiber customers. The new service will be known as Zuku Fiber plus Showmax and is available on Zuku Fiber…

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Fixed Internet

Safaricom plans to square it off with Zuku in the fixed-data market

In an interview between Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore and news agency Reuters on Friday 27th January, 2017, he revealed that the telecom company will reallocate funds to build up its…

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best data deals

Best data deals in Kenya as we start 2017

It is a new year ladies and gentlemen. This means we embark on a mission to find the best mobile data deal this year. This is essential given that Airtel…

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satellite tv

Zuku partners with Azuri to launch solar powered satellite TV service

On Monday, 5th December, 2016, Zuku and Azuri Technologies launched a complete pay-as-you-go satellite TV package. Zuku is a home entertainment satellite provider while on the other hand Azuri Technologies…

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Building and Road contractors do not give a damn about Zuku and Safaricom Fibre Cables

The increased number of vandalized Zuku and Safaricom Fibre Cables on our roads is alarming. Building and Road Contractors and other constructing agencies have a habit of removing cables from the ground and…

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Sign up for Netflix in your apartment then share password with neighbors

Sign up for Netflix and become rich or poor. Entertainment industry in Kenya will now be on the next level, people are going to come up with ways of gaining…

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Zuku TV takes advantage of #BoycottDstvKE as it launches enhanced channel packages

Wananchi Group’s home entertainment brand Zuku has reconfigured its Classic and Premium packages on Direct to Home Satellite Television to enrich its customers’ entertainment experience at no extra cost. The innovative…

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Zuku, this is what your customers are saying – stop wasting money on PR

Yesterday Zuku launched a campaign dubbed #MyZukuFiberStory, a Twitter hashtag meant to allow Zuku customers to share their experiences while using Zuku products and services. We carried the story in…

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#MyZukuFiberStory: share your personal or professional testimonials and experiences about Zuku

Zuku has become Kenya’s most preferred internet choice by most Kenyans for office, field and home use given its fast expanding network. This is why Zuku has launched a hashtag…

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Zuku goes beyond entertainment

Over 15years, Kenyans only knew one pay TV language- DSTV until the launch of other services that brought with them a touch of competition in an already dominated market. This…

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Zuku and Startimes in bad light for hacking KBC system.

With Worldcup’s buzz spread all over, Television channels and other media platforms want to be the first to let you know. The football proceedings need first news fast and media…

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Frustrations with Safaricom’s Internet

One of our readers has sent us an email regarding his frustrations with Safaricom’s Internet. According to him, Safaricom’s Internet ought to be the best, not in comparison to the…

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STB decoders prices and where to buy them

Here is the list from Digital TV Kenya on where to buy your CCK approved STB decoders. The STB decoders prices vary from vendor to vendor and some are not…

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No monthly subscriptions for Digital TV

Digital Migration count down. Four days left. It will be shameful to stare at a blank TV screen just because you have not bought your own digital decoder. For those…

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Digital Migration: Available options from Pay TV providers on FTA

Latest confirmation is that the deadline for Digital Migration is still on December 13th despite media owners’ reservations about the date.If you are interested on details of Digital broadcast works…

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Zuku to announce USD$4.6million investment

Zuku will today announce USD$4.6million investment. The million dollars investment will be used to upgrade its Zuku satellite services to a bigger capacity Satellite, well known as SES 5 from…

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Did Zuku Quietly Drop Reconnection Fee Charges?

It seems Zuku has quietly removed the reconnection fee threat to its subscribers for the late payment. Back on August Zuku did what they were calling  realignment of their services…

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Review of 2011- Top 10 most talked about Tech issues and the articles on Kachwanya.com

It has been a great year for many Kenyans, it has been a wonderful year for tech in Kenya.  I start off the review of 2011 by  looking at the…

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