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Is WhatsApp the best messaging App out there? According to user statistics yes but here are the three ways Wiper beats WhatsApp hands down: Before we start, my WhatsApp is about to expire and I don’t ..

6 years ago
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I am not a great believer of technology. Gosh, I hope I didnt say that out loud. But really, am not. It makes life easy, too easy. What with Facebook- a platform for solving all kinds of problems. Facebook ..

6 years ago
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Since Mark Zuckerberg decided to pay Shs 1.6 trillion for WhatsApp, the equivalent of Kenya’s annual budget and about 50% of our GDP, I thought it wise to also be on WhatsApp. Before, I used to be a “call-me ..

6 years ago
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Last week Facebook expressed intentions to buy WhatsApp for a total of 19 billion dollars (Kshs 1.6 trillion) and two days later, WhatsApp went down for over 3 hours. During the outage, WhatsApp users ..

7 years ago
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Facebook has closed an ownership deal with messaging app WhatsApp co- founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton at $19bn in cash and shares. This being the leading social media’s biggest acquisition to date, ..

7 years ago
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Facebook can now boldly say “WhatsApp” or you can shout out to Facebook, “WhatsApp Facebook”? For $19 billion, Facebook is set to buy  WhatsApp in a strategy to become the leading ..

7 years ago
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