WhatsApp Video Calling is a reality now

Towards the end of last month we wrote to you that WhatsApp had rolled out Video Calling feature though only to the beta testers. Well less than a month later…

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storage information

WhatsApp Update – Ability to play audio files in the background and view your storage information

WhatsApp seems to be on adrenaline, at least for the beta version. So far we have written about two new features that were introduced to beta testers within a gap…

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two-step verification

The consequences of not providing your email address when activating WhatsApp’s two-step verification feature

Well, yesterday we wrote a story about WhatsApp’s new two-step verification feature. Basically when you have two-step verification enabled, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp must be…

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Two-step verification is now available to WhatsApp Beta users (both Android and Windows Phone)

Security is paramount. One should endeavour to secure their online accounts at all costs. How often do you review your security options for the different services you are subscribed to?…

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WhatsApp beta now supports video calling – atleast for Windows Phone users

WhatsApp has done what many have been anticipating for. Some time back WhatsApp introduced the voice calling feature on its platform. This is a move that was applauded by many….

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