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Uber Technologies Group has officially resumed on-road testing of its self-driving vehicles, nine months after the company halted its entire autonomous vehicle operation after one of its vehicles struck ..

3 years ago
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Google has asked a judge to block Uber’s work on self-driving vehicles. This has escalated a high-profile intellectual property dispute between the two technology companies and added to the growing list ..

5 years ago
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Uber is mapping the planet. The ride-sharing company has shown its commitment to having its own mapping data by rolling out map-cars in Singapore. This is one of 5 other countries that the mapping vehicles ..

5 years ago
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For quite some time the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has been pondering on how to collect Value Added Tax (VAT) from the taxi transport system. Initially KRA had opted to charge VAT to the taxi hailing ..

5 years ago
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Uber is seeking to recruit managers to oversee operations in East Africa. This comes after move was done after the hailing company received tough opposition from other taxi operators in the country. Uber ..

6 years ago
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Uber is like kerosene trying to mix with water. Most taxi drivers believe the hailing service is here to kill the taxi industry by oppressing other hardworking drivers. Most taxi drivers are struggling ..

6 years ago
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Are you using Uber? It’s the most convenient and smart way to get a taxi. However, nothing good comes without demerits and challenges. In Kenya, a number of people had different opinions about their ..

6 years ago
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Many people don’t like Uber because of its shortcomings. The world’s leading startup wants every car to be an Uber car. The development of car technology has led to great advancements made ..

6 years ago
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