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First things first, this thing is gorgeous. I have had it for a while now but still, every minute I pick it up, I still gawp. It is amazing to hold. Slender enough, well-sized, heavy enough… It is portly, ..

5 years ago
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After the launch of Lumia 540 in Kenya, we haven’t heard much about the company’s flagship Lumia phones. Well, the company is set to surprise their customers in October. Microsoft is set to launch Microsoft ..

6 years ago
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Last month Facebook had a case in court over allegations of breaching privacy rules. Last week Samsung was taken to court in China over the software it loads in its phones. A Chinese consumer protection ..

6 years ago
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I don’t know why “Made in Nigeria” sounds to me like “Made in China” (it must be because for so many years Nigeria has been synonymous with corruption, a title that has since ..

8 years ago
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