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Language barrier is a hindrance to communication. Skype knows this and that is why back in 2014 the company introduced Skype Translator. Skype Translator makes it easier for you to connect with people ..

5 years ago
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Five of the world’s largest technology companies have come together to create a historic collaboration. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon have formed a collaboration that will be referred to as “Partnership ..

5 years ago
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I am not a great believer of technology. Gosh, I hope I didnt say that out loud. But really, am not. It makes life easy, too easy. What with Facebook- a platform for solving all kinds of problems. Facebook ..

7 years ago
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Since Mark Zuckerberg decided to pay Shs 1.6 trillion for WhatsApp, the equivalent of Kenya’s annual budget and about 50% of our GDP, I thought it wise to also be on WhatsApp. Before, I used to be a “call-me ..

7 years ago
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