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Government seeks to Monitor Facebook and Skype

Kenya has plans to make steps in the control of the internet. In a step seemingly borrowed from our bigger Chinese brothers, the country is looking to regulate Whatsapp and…

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Microsoft to end support for Skype classic this September

Microsoft is once again redesigning its Skype app for Windows. While the software giant released a universal app for Windows 10 users previously, the Skype classic desktop app is getting…

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skype translator

Skype, powered by Skype Translator, to support real-time translation for calls to mobiles and landlines. This is a right move to curb language barrier.

Language barrier is a hindrance to communication. Skype knows this and that is why back in 2014 the company introduced Skype Translator. Skype Translator makes it easier for you to…

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You can now make Skype calls without the need of an account or downloading the app

There is nothing as enjoyable as being able to connect with your loved ones who are far away. You can go ahead and make a voice call but a video…

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Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon come together to create a historic collaboration on Artificial Intelligence

Five of the world’s largest technology companies have come together to create a historic collaboration. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon have formed a collaboration that will be referred to…

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A date made on Tinder

I am not a great believer of technology. Gosh, I hope I didnt say that out loud. But really, am not. It makes life easy, too easy. What with Facebook-…

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The annoying features of WhatsApp

Since Mark Zuckerberg decided to pay Shs 1.6 trillion for WhatsApp, the equivalent of Kenya’s annual budget and about 50% of our GDP, I thought it wise to also be…

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