Financial Inclusion BUSINESS

Financial Inclusion and the Role of Payment Systems

In the tech world, at any given time there is always a buzzword that marketers use to market already existing technology. For example, when guys wanted to market data, they…

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PesaPal American Express BUSINESS

PesaPal integrates American Express into its payment platform in addition to mobile money, Visa and MasterCard

Pesapal, a Kenyan-based e-commerce platform, has announced the integration of American Express into its payment platform. The integration took place on 27th February, 2017. This means that American Express card holders…

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Ticket fraud management with ticketsasa

Today, events have become key and frequent owing to the fact that individuals now know how to unwind better and in more fun ways. Hardly does a weekend pass without…

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Digitize your business payment options by acquiring a Pesapal Account

Not so long ago I discovered that it is necessary for me, as a consumer, to have a Pesal account and as a result I wrote an article titled: Is it…

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Is it necessary to have a PesaPal account?

There are those things that I never pay attention to, never at all, since, as my subconscious mind would have it, they don’t add any value to my comfort zone,…

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