Online Security


How X (Twitter) blue-ticks is making it easy for scammers to access bank accounts

The idea that anyone on X can purchase blue-ticks has opened the door for scammers to target consumers who complain of poor customer service on X, posing as customer service…

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Artificial Intelligence

C2PA may end up stripping meme lords of their anonymity

Alright, picture this: You are the ultimate meme lord! You’ve got this epic talent for creating viral masterpieces using third-party images. Or videos. You know the secret sauce – adding…

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How to kill the negative impacts of the Internet

The world is celebrating the 25th birthday of world wide web (more specifically, the conception of the www rather than the birth). To join in the celebrations researchers from Pew…

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The loopholes in your online security measures

Everyone fears getting hacked, no one cares. I’m wrong on the second part, there are few people who actually care and do implement “security features” to protect themselves from hackers….

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