ZeniMax awarded $500 million in lawsuit against Facebook

A jury has found Facebook-owned virtual reality company, Oculus liable to pay half a billion dollars to ZeniMax-a game company- after Oculus CEO, Palmer Luckey failed to comply with a…

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Giant tech companies up in arms over Trump’s Immigration executive order

International Technology companies have responded to Donald Trump’s immigration executive order that bars people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya entry into the United States for 90…

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Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria (Update: And Kenya)

Nigeria got the honour of being the first sub-Saharan country to host the CEO of (probably) the most popular social networks and Instant Messaging services (mark the plural) in any…

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Facebook vows to use the Safety Check feature more often

On Saturday evening I was in my own world. My brain was making some inside jokes about a comedy show I had watched on Youtube, so, I had no idea…

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Facebook’s Social Virtual Reality Strategy, A Revolutionary Fact or Fiction?

Facebook is building virtual reality versions of its apps that would allow users to share their current environments with other users. “We’re working on apps for VR,” Facebook’s Head of…

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WhatsApp add’s voice calls just after Facebook’s acquisition.

The world has been on the lookout for changes since WhatsApp was officially announced part of Facebook mid last week. The Mobile service messaging app has hinted on voice call…

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Facebook has launched short personalized video highlights for over hundreds of millions of its users that notes the year you joined Facebook, a couple of most liked posts on your…

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