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Pirated Hollywood movies

My Biggest Prayer for 2020: KECOBO Please, Ban those Pirated Hollywood Movies

This prayer I utter as a filmmaker, and I utter it to my government on behalf of myself and my fellow filmmakers. Filmmaking is one of the goldmines this country…

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Brand Kenya

How Brand Kenya can properly market Kenya as a viable product

How many people outside East Africa or the larger Eastern Africa region can answer Kenya to the question, “where would you rather visit before you die?” Many Kenyans, if asked…

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Communications Authority adamant local content will clock 60% come 2018

Late last year, the Communications Authority of Kenya released targets for Media houses to meet in terms of percentage levels of local content aired set on yearly terms; 40% by…

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To regulate or not to regulate Bloggers -Why are Kenyan Journalists scared?

This week, bloggers were invited to a panel on the NTV TV show, Press Pass to discuss blogging in Kenya. The theme of the show was whether blogging is becoming…

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Generating Traffic to a blog/site and Maintaining Readership- When a trainer became a student at POWO

So I got the chance to be part of trainers for this month POWO’s meetup. POWO is Poets and Writers Online (POWO). It is a forum for Poets and Writers with blogs and…

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