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On the eve of the much awaited iPhone 7 launch (it is today too, actually) LG have let loose their own beast: the premium successor to last year’s LG V10. LG V20, everyone. The LG V20 comes after LG’s ..

4 years ago
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LG came up with ‘LG Smart Home’, which connects all home appliances into a single, cohesive system in order to increase convenience and simplicity. Samsung on the other hand is also developing incredible ..

4 years ago
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Early last month Samsung unveiled an android flip phone model number SM-G9198. LG has decided to introduce yet another flip phone ready to make an International debut. The LG Wine Smart, an Android-powered ..

5 years ago
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Self healing material is set to grace the LG Curve that is due to be launched later this month. Named the G Flex, the phone will be able to recover from slight scratches within minutes which will be a plus ..

7 years ago
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