Konza City wakes up from slumber with new vigor, and there is hope things will be much better

The dream of having a Kenyan city in which residents think of nothing but tech, science and innovation goes back to 2008 when the government approved the creation of Konza…

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Konza Technopolis Hosts Inuagural Tech Forum

Yesterday we attended a high level event hosted by Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA). The event that was the first in creating an ecosystem for Innovation was hosted  in partnership with…

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#MjiWetu – Increased urbanisation necessitates development of cities within a city

Urbanisation, defined by BBC Bitesize as “an increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas compared to rural areas” either due to rural-urban migration or simply through reproduction…

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Konza City to host several US based SMEs once completed

Konza Techno City (KTC), one of the national flagship projects for Vision 2030, is set to host several US based SMEs after an MoU was signed between Konza Technopolis Authority…

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Kenyan Tech Ecosystem-Where all the Other Parts are pointing Fingers at the Developers (Part I)

After writing this post which brought in a bit of controversy going by the comments, it is time to look at the broader picture of Kenyan tech scene. We all…

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