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SomeoneTellCNN receives multiple International News coverage

CNN angered Kenyans, specifically Kenyans on Twitter (KOT). When KOT are angered, they fight. Using hashtags. A few days ago they brought Ugandans to their knees under the hashtag SomeoneTellUganda….

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Latest experience with Safaricom Internet – Pathetic

For an earlier experience with Safaricom Internet, check out the articleĀ Frustrations with Safaricomā€™s Internet. Beginning this month Safaricom restructured her Internet offering in which she abandoned the useless night shift…

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How to pay for eCitizen services using MPESA

eCitizen portal, the Kenya’s online portal for offering government services, has a section called FAQs. In that section one would expect to find the Question, “How do I pay for…

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S.T.EYE: A smart condom that changes colour if it detects STIs

A smart condom that changes colour when it detects a sexually transmitted disease could help to cut the spread of the illnesses. The condom won an award in the health…

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Hey Kenyans, get $250,000 funding for your Biotech ideas from Indie Bio

Other than IoT, Big Data and AI Technologies, Biotech is the future of tech worldwide. Today we haveĀ venture capitalists that have serious focus on Health and Biotech Startups whereby significant…

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Hound reveals just how dumb Google Now, Siri and Cortana are

Did you think that Google Now, Siri and Cortana are smart? Think again, there is a new artificially intelligent personal assistant called Hound, and she has taken the Internet by…

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Once Facebook Lite is available in Kenya, download it and ditch that bloated Facebook App

A few hours ago Facebook made an announcement via Facebook News Room, about Facebook Lite. The announcement reads; By Vijay Shankar, Product Manager for Facebook Lite Today weā€™re introducing Facebook…

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There is something good you didn’t know about Airtel Unliminet

On 12th last month I enrolled to Airtel Unliminet and started to enjoy the monthly package for Shs 2,000 that offers 1,200 minutes for voice calls, 10,000 SMSes and 6…

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How to get The EastAfrican for free

Did you follow The EastAfrican trending hashtag yesterday? #TEAat20? Surprisingly many of you thought that the hashtag was about corruption in Kenya at 20 bob – that’s how corrupt we…

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PoWiFi – What if you could charge your phone via WiFi?

Slightly over a year ago we heard of WiTricity, a wireless electricity technology that already enables people to connect to the power grid wirelessly. This is different from wireless charging…

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