Communications Authority of Kenya is crazy

Kenyans produce incredible movies which are supposed to go viral like the famous Hollywood and Bollywood TV shows. Ironically, we don’t own our locally made brands and told stories, we…

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In The EastAfrican every week

I want to assume that by now we all agree that The EastAfrican is the best newspaper in terms of quality of content in East Africa region. If we are…

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Nailab announces applications for their season 6 troop

Its important to note that creating innovative solutions is a continuous process. it is through sharing with like minds that one continues to refine an idea or solution. This is…

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National IDs and Passports could be replaced by brainwaves based passwords in not so many years

The idea that brainwaves should be used in place of passwords is not new. In September 2013 we reported of a brain wave research intended for drivers and pilots; a…

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Owning a phone is not a right but a privilege, rules a US Judge

The International laws and The Kenyan Bill of Rights does not recognize the phone as a right hence any judge or a person with legal authority to amend a law…

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Huduma Kenya enough deal breaker for public service

Huduma Centre has turned out two way traffic for both the government and citizens. The one stop shop is exactly as named and more. This could be the best thing…

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