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Apple has sued Qualcomm for $1 billion on Friday. This comes after an accusation by the US government of Qualcomm Inc. trying to maintain monopoly by using anti-competitive tactics. Qualcomm supplies Apple ..

4 years ago
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Currently everybody knows about Caitlyn Jenner. The fact that she is a lady everybody must respect her gender even the social networks. Siri which is like an intelligent friend on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod ..

6 years ago
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In emerging markets Android devices are the king(s) thanks to Android devices being as cheap as Kshs 5,000 or lower. Although affordable Windows devices are becoming popular, Android has over years managed ..

7 years ago
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iPhone 5S has been taunted as the most secure phone as it comes with Touch ID, a feature that allows you to unlock the phone using your fingerprints. Touch ID should in fact win a Nobel Prize as it is a culmination ..

8 years ago
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Before you rush to buy the new iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C or upgrade your current iPhone’s OS to iOS7, be warned; Siri and Control Center in iOS7 allows a thief to easily disable Find My iPhone or iPad ..

8 years ago
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Rumours , rumours and rumours and that is how they do it these days. But finally the date the whole world has been waiting for is here with us.  Today Samsung will be launching its new flagship smartphone ..

8 years ago
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