Instagram, Twitter Puts The Future Of Kenyan Influencers’ Heads In The Noose

For companies to partner with an individual or digital institution for influencing, the number of ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ really matter at the negotiation stage.

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Facebook To Be Charged For Storing User Passwords In Plain Text

Facebook is once again on the chopping block after the Irish Data Protection Commission opened a new investigation into the tech company over security lapses and privacy breaches. The firm…

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Why ‘Florida Man’ Is Trending Across Social Media Platforms

The internets are going crazy with ‘Florida man’ with online challenges being thrown across the platforms under ‘Florida man’. The twitter feed that has spilt over to Google, Instagram, Reddit…

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Instagram Live Videos APP REVIEWS

Instagram rolls out Live Video broadcast feature globally

Instagram launched Live Videos to its app’s Stories feature back in December 2016. At launch the feature was exclusive to individuals residing in US. Approximately a month later, the Facebook…

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Mod Apps: How to get extra features for your Whatsapp, Instagram and Telegram

There is a joke about people switching between 3-4 apps all day. This much borders on the truth and the reality of our online lives. Well, why don’t we make…

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Instagram announces live video and disappearing photos and videos

Instagram seems to be on steroids this year. There have gone all out to diversify from been referred simply as the photo sharing platform. The presence of Snapchat has forced…

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Instagram to launch a new feature – Live Videos

In the beginning Instagram was an avenue where individuals shared photos with filters on them. With time Instagram has evolved to incorporate other features heavily borrowed from SnapChat. This time…

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Instagram now lets you save drafts of your photos

If you are on Instagram you can relate to how much of a pain it is to spend precious time coming up with the wittiest caption, perfecting the shadows and…

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Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria (Update: And Kenya)

Nigeria got the honour of being the first sub-Saharan country to host the CEO of (probably) the most popular social networks and Instant Messaging services (mark the plural) in any…

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Twitter undergoing a dramatic shakeup, who cares?

Twitter has over the years gained a good following across the world. However, the tech company never ceases to surprise users with failed trials like increasing the number of words…

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LinkedIn, Instagram Updated Their Messaging To Out-Compete Other Networks

The two social network platforms have updated their messaging to make it easier for users to have casual conversations with friends. LinkedIn and Instagram announced yesterday that they have improved…

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Social Media Day: We have traded Humanity for Social media

Today is Social Media Day, Happy social media day is therefore in order. I am happy to belong to this day and time I can tell you for sure. I…

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Quit the meaningless #hashtag fights

When Chris Messina first used #barcamp back in 2007, the initial intention was to unmoderate ad hoc discussion forums. The open standards advocate credited for the invention of hashtags meant…

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You can now access WhatsApp on your PC

Since its launch in 2009, Whatsapp has since been of strict phone use which has made it stand out among other social media platforms with both phone and PC versions….

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