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Live Caption feature on Google Chrome adds subtitles on videos and audios where none existed

Google in efforts to make online content more accessible and understandable to you has expanded its real-time caption feature, Live Captions to all Chrome browser users. The feature uses machine…

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Chrome gets a new profile experience

If you’re one of those who share a computer in your home, or someone who uses their Chrome on the computer for both work and personal browsing, Google is here…

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online accounts TECHNOLOGY

The first step in securing your online accounts from possible hacking

Matters pertaining to ones online security should not be taken lightly. Most of the services we used to access in the past from brick and mortar institutions have moved to…

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Which Internet browser is the most power efficient?

Which internet browser offers you more battery life among Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge? Of course, choosing an internet browser can often have a lot more to…

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How to overcome “This site can’t be reached” error message when accessing Microsoft sites via Chrome browser

If you are a Google Chrome user on Windows your browser may have failed you when you tried to access some Microsoft sites. You are not alone in this predicament….

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Google Chrome kills your battery life

Microsoft ran a number of tests to show how Google Chrome kills your battery life. The tests were done to measure the power consumption by browsers and Chrome raised a…

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Google’s Chrome Browser Won’t Automatically Play Ads That Use Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is currently undergoing a rough patch since most tech companies are developing their own software that work the same way or provide better experience than Adobe Flash. From…

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TECHNOLOGY has been blacklisted by Chrome

Google Chrome has denied me access to the link which has the story yuMobile staff block bid to sell firm’s stake. The error message Chrome displays whenever I try to access the…

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