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The number one concern for Kenyans who want to buy a set top box is the price. The second concern is rather weird, the number of channels available on a particular set top box (STB). STB vendors who have ..

6 years ago
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Are you considering to buy StarTimes decoder for Free to Air digital television; the StarTimes DVB-T2 decoder? I received mine from StarTimes this morning and since then I have been testing the decoder ..

6 years ago
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Being a naturalist on the world and religious views, I am not superstitious. Although I am not superstitious, I still want to believe that there is a cursed number. The year 2013 is when I had more downs ..

7 years ago
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As part of their fight against digital migration and also as an attempt to get sympathy from the public, Nation Media Group has decided to publish, in Daily Nation, outright lies on digital migration in their ..

7 years ago
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