CA unveils three-month awareness campaign to promote child online safety

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has stepped up the advocacy on responsible use of the internet by unveiling a three-month awareness campaign to protect children and their digital footprint. The…

Universal Service Fund

Universal Service Fund by CA connects 68 remote sub-locations to mobile telephony

68 sub-locations across the country, previously not linked to the basic mobile telephony, are now enjoying services thanks to the Universal Service Fund (USF) administered by the Communications Authority of…


Google’s flagship online safety program Launches Training In Kiambu County

Content Development and Intellectual Property Trust (CODE-IP), a local NGO, and Kenya Web Rangers, have extended their youth online safety training to Karuri in Kiambu County. The training session, targeted…

facebook Skype government CA

Government seeks to Monitor Facebook and Skype

Kenya has plans to make steps in the control of the internet. In a step seemingly borrowed from our bigger Chinese brothers, the country is looking to regulate Whatsapp and…


Telkom Announces Lowest Voice Bundles As Safaricom And Airtel Hike Prices

Amid the increase of tariffs by telcos, Telkom has launched the lowest voice bundles in the market and now customers will make voice calls for as low as Ksh 1:50…


CA could force Safaricom to share its network of Agents

Kenya’s largest telecoms operator Safaricom could be forced to offer rivals access to its transmission sites and its vast network of mobile money outlets if a draft regulatory report on…


CA bans mobile phones with less than 8 hours of battery life.

Government through the Communication Authority of Kenya(CA) has banned the import of mobile phones that do not offer a battery life of at least eight hours talk time. According to…


Airtel and Telkom eye MPESA Billions in new system

Safaricom’s dominance in the mobile market is set to face the ultimate test as the government seeks to implement recommendations from a 2017 report on the state of dominance in…


M-Pesa may be forced to break away from Safaricom

The Communications authority (CA) may compel Safaricom to hive off M-Pesa. This is among some of the recommendation made in a yet to be delivered report by Analysis Mason, International consultants…


African countries meet in capacity building efforts to harness Internet opportunities

African countries have intensified efforts to build relevant capacity on the continent to fully exploit opportunities presented by the Internet. With the Internet permeating virtually every aspect of life, in…

Kenya's Mobile Subscriptions Report Q3 2016

Kenya’s Mobile Subscriptions Report Q3 2016: Safaricom Limited still leads with a massive 69% market share

During the July-September 2016 period, the number of mobile subscriptions stood at 38.5 million down from 39.7 million subscriptions recorded in the previous period, April-June 2016. This represented a decline…


ITU CBS-2016 symposium kicks off in Nairobi, Kenya

In this article we informed you that the 2016 Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium (CBS-2016) will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 6th to 8th September 2016. It is already live…


Netflix vs KFCB – Media on Demand is the Future

So the other day I was asked by BBC to react to the claim by Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) that Netflix content is immoral and a threat to national…


Communications Authority launches ‘Be the Cop’ to protect children online

Communications Authority of Kenya has launched Be the cop a campaign on Child Online Protection to raise awareness of the types of crime that children are exposed to in the…


Confusing Signals: Media Houses switch back to analogue signals

I happen to be one of those Kenyans who fell on Communication Authority’s digital migration grid on the 31st of December 2014. I just won’t connect my decoder, something about…


Orange telco Mass Market share grows in latest sector statistics

According to communications Authority of Kenya sector statistics report for the period of July to September 2014, the first quarter of the 2014/2015 budgetary year, indicates that Orange is ahead…


Hullabaloo in the digital migration:  Double standards and self-centrism by top media houses

Dear Kenyans, BEWARE Startimes and GoTV are distributing NTV’s, QTV’s, KTN’s and Citizen’s content without consent. The three media houses from Africa Digital Network consortium have been running the informercial…


Communications Authority of Kenya to monitor TV and Radio content

Communications Authority of Kenya formerly CCK has lately been exercising its newly acquired title with a couple of changes in its roles which now include monitoring local content aired in…

Equity- Safaricom saga has hit the headlines for the longest time at least for since the introduction of equity MVNO’s thin-SIM technology a maiden move in the Kenyan telcom…


CA regional ICT forums a step up to tech development

Communication authority formerly CCK responsible for facilitating the development of the Information and Communications sectors including; broadcasting, multimedia, telecommunications, electronic commerce, postal and courier services has lately opened up to…


Communications Authority Extends its services across Counties amid new regulations.

Communications Authority of Kenya has now established offices in Kisumu and Nyeri counties in a bid to take services closer to Kenyans as well as have the public contribute to…


From CCK to CA not K

Since the beginning of the year CCK has been transforming from a Commission to an Authority. The difference between a commission and an authority is not just a matter of…

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