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A number of entrepreneurs, innovators and key players in the ICT and business industries from India and Kenya met as from yesterday in our country to discuss business and investments. This is the Indo-Africa ..

5 years ago
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[pullquote]Spending a lot of valuable time to master complex formulas and concepts to end up as a boda boda rider is not amusing.[/pullquote] Steve Biko wrote in Daily Nation that Kenyan youth have ..

8 years ago
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Kenyans tweeting on financial markets live is a bit rare but we have managed to compile a list of kenyans worth following as they tweet live on issues in financial markets. Some post real time trade calls ..

10 years ago
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When people think of success they look at it mainly from a monetary point of view. While I believe that there is nothing wrong with this, I do feel that success is a holistic state of living. One in which ..

10 years ago
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