Adoption Of Intelligent Enterprise Capabilities In Kenya Influenced By Ease Of Doing Business

Organisations in the region are realising the promise of digital transformation by leveraging technologies and solutions to effect transformational change

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SAP INNOVATION DAY: Intelligent Technologies Achieve Better WorkForce & Customer Outcome

Automation done cost-effectively by a company is embedded more and more within business processes giving the workforce the ability to focus on high-value activities

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94 Percent of Africa’s Agritech Market Remains Untapped

The report noted that the bundling of digitally enabled Agritech solutions was gaining popularity with some enterprises incorporating either third party or proprietary payment solutions.

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Conflux aims to overhaul Bitcoin’s slow transactions model

A big disadvantage of Bitcoin is that it is not fast enough to become a real-world ledger. And while developers use a variety of fixes, Bitcoin and other decentralized blockchain…

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SoundCloud to close gap between artists and audience in new partnership

SoundCloud and MAESTROPROJECT have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish block chain technology in the music industry. The agreement comes at a time middle men in the music industry…

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A Kindness of Bitcoin-Part 1

It has been referred to as the internet of money, being praised by many as well as maligned by the myopic few, interestingly the majority lot of them being politicians….

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