Your Social media accounts and browser history will be Key to enter America

Not so long after Donald J Trump launched the outrageous executive immigration order, that bars entrance of people of certain origin to the United States of America, the Trump administration…

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FED threatens to arrest Tim Cook for protecting criminals against FBI

Barack Obama has finally broken his silence on the Apple-FBI saga, where the mobile manufacturing company Apple obstructed the Federal Bureau of Investigation from accessing a terrorist’s iphone in  San…

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US Army Website Hacked

Currently hacking cases in the US has been the headline on weekly news reports. The US army has temporarily taken down its website after a hacking attack. It says an…

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‘Its Obama Really’- President Barack Obama finally joins twitter six years later

When twitter first rolled out, following and being followed was a big deal for many. It was partly many people’s day time job. What would make it even more exciting…

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