New tax law proposes raising Bank charges

The costs of bank charges like ATM, account fees and over-the-counter withdrawals are set to increase after President Uhuru Kenyatta proposed to double the taxes to 20 percent from the…

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PesaLink poses a threat to cheques and payment cards

Pesalink may be what brings an eventual end to the use of cheques, Payment cards and Electronic funds transfer. This is according to analysts at Ecobank Africa. A shorter settlement…

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How to send money from Airtel to any network subscriber in Kenya (Safaricom or Orange) for free

Most individuals in Kenya use M-Pesa to send money to friends, family and acquaintances. The downside of this is that Safaricom double charges you. Yes, that is the truth. You…

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Bank Queues: Banks should sensitize their customers

Ever since the adoption of mobile banking, it takes me a very very long time to physically visit a bank. As a matter of fact, I only find myself in…

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Epson Announced New Printers targeting financial institutions and Embassies in Kenya

Epson has introduced into the Kenyan market  a new range of printers targeting financial institutions, Saccos and Embassies   The range we are talking about are PLQ-22CS and PLQ 22CSM printers….

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