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Chrome OS

Ladies and gentlemen you will now be able to run your favourite Android apps from Google Play store on your new Chromebook. This revelation was made yesterday 23th January, 2017 by Google. Every new Chromebook ..

5 years ago
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Yesterday, WhatsApp made an announcement that will be music to the ears of folks who use older devices to access the app. WhatsApp will be extending support for its service on older mobile software platforms ..

5 years ago
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Our devices are our companions right now. We cannot go without our cell phones or tablets. Almost every kid is armed with at least one right now, especially so inKenya where studies have found that smartphone ..

5 years ago
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Are you? But the bigger question, that I’m sure has been asked before is, is this necessary anymore? Rooting used to be a must-do for the daring and brave Android users out there. It was the bootleg ..

5 years ago
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This Android app with a developer with quite an interesting name (KissDevs) is described as ‘All in one News, Sports, Politics, Events, eCitizen, Landmarks/Map & much more’ in its Play Store depiction. ..

5 years ago
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