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safaricom 4G

Safaricom Limited has been piloting the 4G network for about two years now. Well, Safaricom is now moving to the next phase in offering 4G coverage in Kenya. The firm has gone ahead and paid Ksh.2.53 billion ..

5 years ago
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#Airtel UnlimiNet Modem

Ladies and gentlemen, Airtel Kenya has turned its back on all the faithful UnlimiNet subscribers out there. The UnlimiNet you knew is no more. What is left is a marketing gimmick that uses the same name ..

5 years ago
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Airtel UnlimiNet

UnlimiNet Daily The UnlimiNet Daily packages are meant to last for 24 hrs. If you exhaust the allocated data bundles, Airtel promises to allocate you an extra 100MB which can ONLY be used to access Facebook ..

5 years ago
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Airtel money and M-pesa offer the same services and to their advantage the target market is huge. Airtel has started yet another drama after they found out that Safaricom is coercing their agents to remove ..

6 years ago
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It is sad to read the news that Yumobile’s plan to exit the Kenyan market is at an advanced stage. Equally sad is the news that Orange is working on an exit strategy or to be more diplomatic, planning ..

8 years ago
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By now you must be aware that YuMobile is exiting the Kenyan market shortly after celebrating its 5th anniversary. The exit to be finalized in three months time will see Safaricom takes over Yu’s ..

8 years ago
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There are a number of steps that have been taken by the government to increase competitiveness in the mobile telephone market, one of them being the adoption of number portability. Number portability allows ..

8 years ago
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