Huawei Is Spying On States, Western Countries Up Against 5G Rollout By Chinese Company

The question who owns Huawei and whether or not it is controlled by the Chinese government is making countries paranoid and even harder for Huawei to thrive in its field….

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5G internet

Dissecting the complex next-Gen 5G network

As exciting as the forthcoming world of 5G connectivity will be, it’s fraught with incredible complexity as well. Many technology pieces must come together in a seamless manner for us…

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Tech Companies declare commitment to a Standardized 5G Ecosystem.

  Top tech companies jointly declared a statement promoting unified, global 5G standards. This is to be achieved through 5G testing, trials, and cooperation between telecom operators, vendors and vertical…

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Ericsson and China Mobile extends 5G cooperation

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) joins China Mobile’s 5G Joint Innovation Center program to accelerate development of next-generation wireless networks, which will be faster, more powerful and offer even greater opportunities. The…

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Roll-out of 5G toy race cars and drones a milestone for tech industry

A standard 5G will be finished in 2018 and the real networks will be arriving in 2020. During the Mobile World Congress, tech companies hinted on the possibility of 5G-powered…

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Ten Things I Want to Say With Regard To The Mobile World Congress

Hola, estimats amics ! My Catalan is a bit on the rocks, but I can most efficiently mumble a few words to you without a flinch of the tongue. So,…

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