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Our devices are our companions right now. We cannot go without our cell phones or tablets. Almost every kid is armed with at least one right now, especially so inKenya where studies have found that smartphone ..

4 years ago
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Are you? But the bigger question, that I’m sure has been asked before is, is this necessary anymore? Rooting used to be a must-do for the daring and brave Android users out there. It was the bootleg ..

4 years ago
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What writing apps do you use? Way back, in campus, after my Samsung Galaxy Pocket left me for the world, I took to drafting my blog posts on paper. The blogging blogs said that that was the way; that words ..

4 years ago
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Do you listen to radio anymore? Real FM radio (or AM if that still tickles your fancy). I do, but I have a feeling that I’m the last of a dying breed. A breed of radio listeners. Radiomen. I listen to a few choice ..

4 years ago
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Many in Kenya, I included, are reluctant to use their cards, whether debit or credit, to settle online transactions. It’s an issue of trust. Trusting these entities with your bank details. How trustworthy ..

4 years ago
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