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Do you listen to radio anymore? Real FM radio (or AM if that still tickles your fancy). I do, but I have a feeling that I’m the last of a dying breed. A breed of radio listeners. Radiomen. I listen to a few choice ..

2 years ago
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Many in Kenya, I included, are reluctant to use their cards, whether debit or credit, to settle online transactions. It’s an issue of trust. Trusting these entities with your bank details. How trustworthy ..

2 years ago
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Over the course of this year two Facebook friends have tagged me on two articles that talk about Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation. In both scenarios, what my friends tend to fear is the armageddon ..

2 years ago
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With VR sex, we may not be able to draw the line between real and virtual Note: The article may appear to have sexually graphic descriptions. She is the girl of your dreams. Not short but not taller ..

3 years ago
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