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In this article you will learn: Basics of digital broadcasts Need to buy converter boxes even if already on Pay TV and Pros of Digital Broadcast over Analogue Broadcast Digital Migration Unless some major ..

7 years ago
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Is it not challenging and at times embarrassing when “kids” start really obvious ideas that make them millions? Listen to this news: “Alex Mativo,19, and  a student at the University ..

7 years ago
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Women in Science have complained about Wikipedia. There bone of contention? 1. Wikipedia has recruited less than 20% women editors 2. There are hardly any Wikipedia pages about women scientists I want ..

7 years ago
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Summary Bebapay has a potential of eliminating traffic offences and corruption between matatus and traffic police Bebapay should be aggressively marketed Bebapay should be made mandatory for all passengers ..

7 years ago
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Since Bitange Ndemo was replaced as the PS in charge of ICT a number of things have gone wrong in Kenya’s ICT sector. These include lack of general progress in rolling out the master plan that was put in place ..

7 years ago
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Tusker Project Fame is here again in TPF6. In East Africa, this is the most loved reality/talent TV show since its debut in 2006. Given it’s similarity to South Africa’s Star Academy and the link ..

7 years ago
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