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Are you sad? Don’t worry you are not alone, at least not in Kenya. According to Legatum Prosperity Index that measures how happy or sad citizens of a country are based on metrics such as Economy, ..

7 years ago
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There are a number of events that happened in the country in 2013 ranging from the presidential debate to the Westgate attack that got Kenyans divided and united, some of which we want to have a brief ..

7 years ago
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Britman arrived just in time to rescue Oyieya after struggling for long stretching up  to pull his Masters pair of specks from a high shelf in his Masters bedroom. It wasn’t a rescue as such; Oyieya ..

7 years ago
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Change of heart on cyber security Part 2. In the article: The AU convention on cyber security seeks to criminalize online reports that touch on ethnicity and religion, ban the use of pseudonyms, and criminalize ..

7 years ago
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Current laptop and mobile phone batteries last about two years before they become useless. One reason for this is the short life of silicon dioxide used as electrodes in the batteries. The silicon rods ..

7 years ago
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This is a summary and comments on Kenya Vision 2030 Newsletter showing progress on various projects towards the realization of vision 2030. Future Kenyan Nuclear Scientists Commence Training In Korea As part ..

7 years ago
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The Media is crying, as usual, over the Media Bill. They are saying that the passed Kenya  Kenya Information & Communications (Amendment) Bill, 2013 if signed into law the President, then Kenya shall ..

7 years ago
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